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From one original into another.
Medicine is our life –
in all parts of the world.

The Transline Life Sciences story

Or: how it all began

We have a corporate history spanning sixty years. But what makes us different? How did Transline Life Sciences become an industry leader in medical and pharmaceutical translation?


The Deutscher Medizinischer Sprachendienst was founded.


The company name changed. The Medizinischer Sprachendienst was renamed “medax”.



Founder C. Martin Dunne stepped back from operational business and medax became part of the Reutlingen-based Transline Group.


medax has merged with Transline Deutschland and is now called Transline Life Sciences.

Once upon a time, there was a language service ...

Our story begins in the year 1957, when our predecessor company was founded.

The “Deutscher Medizinischer Sprachendienst” (German medical language service) – which was shortened to “Medizinischer Sprachendienst” in 1963 – specialised from the outset in translating technical medical and pharmaceutical texts.

Sometime in the 1980s, the language service started to search for English native speakers with a medical background to strengthen the team.

The British-born and trained osteopath C. Martin Dunne said, “Here I am!". Nobody could have guessed back then how fateful this meeting would turn out to be for the company in the future...

Martin’s first Apple

Martin describes his work as a translator: “Long summer days in front of the first Apple computer with the tiny screen, and a printer that wouldn’t stop. Freshly recorded plastic dictation discs sent by taxi for transcription. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Then proofreading – and another taxi, please!”.

In 1991, after Martin had worked as a technical translator for several years – in addition to his work in a Munich practice – the question arose as to whether he wanted to take over the specialist translation agency.

This step was a huge risk for the young father. But he quickly agreed, because it meant that he could finally combine his three hobbies: medicine, languages and computer science.

medax is born

In 1999, the language service provider was again renamed, this time christened “medax”.

Since then, things have progressed steadily: from the original team of three people, including Martin as the boss and his wife Ursula, medax expanded to over ten employees.

Through the combination of his unmistakable British humour and his profound medical knowledge, Martin continued to come into contact with top specialist translators working in all areas of the life sciences. And so the medax family grew...

The move from the Dunnes’ basement to the sunny office in Ilzweg, in Olching, was inevitable – and it’s even been expanded multiple times to create more space.

The new “modern” medax ...

The “modern era” of medax started in April 2019, when Martin once again took a new turn in life and stepped back from operational business. He is now dedicated to working on his house and garden “somewhere in Swabia”. But he also remains committed to translating: he refuses to give up this part of his life, meaning that we still stay in contact with him.

medax is now part of the Reutlingen-based Transline Group, with Ursula Dunne as part of the management team.

And we continue to develop: medax and Transline grow ever closer together and have merged to form Transline Deutschland in October 2023. The former medax specialist team is now called
Transline Life Sciences.

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Quality isn’t a coincidence – it’s tradition

There’s a recurring theme throughout our company history, i.e. the highest quality language services for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. This is why medax was the first medical translation agency in Germany to be certified according to ISO 17100. This tradition contributes significantly to our success as a medical language service provider, because trustworthy partners are essential in the life sciences sector – a field in which everyone involved is responsible for the life and health of their patients.

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