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Pharmaceutical translations

Specialist texts tailored to the pharmaceutical market – in any language

Research. Development. Marketing authorisation. Marketing. Launch your medicinal products on the global market – we are there to support you at every stage of the product life cycle with technical translations by experienced specialists. Our project team will find the perfect workflow for you, particularly for the time-critical market authorisation stage.

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Marketing authorisation documents / medical reports / specialist articles / clinical study documents /  clinical outcome assessments (COAs) / diagnoses / summary of product characteristics (SmPC) / labelling / SAE reports / patient information leaflets (PILs) / scientific publications / and much, much more...

Translation of clinical studies

Randomised? Multi-centre? Double-blind? We’re very well versed in the subject and will translate all your pharmaceutical documents, whatever your study design may be.

We have been putting together reliable teams of specialist medical translators and proofreaders/reviewers for our clients for over 60 years. This ensures high-quality translation in all the languages required for the marketing authorisation, for each stage of your study.

Our 500 language professionals worldwide are familiar with the relevant regulations, whether EMA, Swissmedic or FDA. They are fully acquainted with your target audience and provide texts that appeal to the reader.

Specialist translators for the pharmaceutical industry

Back translation in the review process

Different countries – different customs. We translate patient questionnaires for your clinical outcome assessments (COAs) into the target language, specifically tailored to your target market. And, for particularly sensitive documents, also back into the source language as a back translation.

You’d like us to include your contact person in the relevant countries in the review process? Done. Together, we’ll ensure that the results you submit to the regulatory authorities are linguistically and culturally equivalent across all study sites. And ultimately achieve the goal you’ve been working towards for years: the introduction of new therapeutic options for people all over the world.

Back translation


ISO 17100-compliant quality
assurance – always a given.


Exotic languages – we have
the perfect professionals for you.


Satisfied customers – we put
our heart and soul into your projects.


Always on time and on schedule – even and especially when it’s urgent.


Our clients: CROs and pharmaceutical companies

Express translation

Highly efficient. Developments in the pharmaceutical industry often come thick and fast, and quick response times are essential.

Our team comes to the rescue for time-critical projects such as press releases or SAE reports.

We find solutions for you when it matters most and handle high volumes of text within a very short time to meet your required deadline.

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Certified translation

Highly official. Regulatory authorities require a certified or apostilled hard copy version for certain translated marketing authorisation documents.

No problem – your personal contact at Transline will arrange the official confirmation of the accuracy and completeness of the original document together with a sworn translator.

The finished certified document is sent by mail as a hard copy, promptly and reliably.


Marketing translation

Highly appealing. We tailor your content to the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the target market, so the advertising message conveyed in the target language is exactly right. Our linguists work creatively in their native language to achieve the optimal outcome.

We have just the right professional for each challenge.

An approach that pays dividends – with texts that clearly showcase your expertise.

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SmPC, PIL or labelling – our specialists are proficient in the requirements of translating pharmaceutical texts.

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