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From one original into another.
Texts with style.
With the Transline design service.

Desktop publishing – foreign language typesetting

Take advantage of our expertise in foreign language typesetting

Even the best texts lose their persuasiveness if errors creep in during layout or printing. That’s why we offer our professional foreign language typesetting service alongside the translation of your texts. You receive print-ready translations that don’t just read like the original, they look like it too.

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Language expansion

Text lengths and the space
requirements vary depending on
the language. We adapt your
translated texts to fit into the
available space.


Does your document contain non-editable graphics? We can extract
all relevant text for you and then
insert the translation back into the
same file.

Special features

We check your target texts to make
sure they’re consistent with your
style guide and the standards of the target language, such as the reading direction.


We can convert locked files into editable formats – making them ready for translation in a CAT tool.

Multilingual desktop publishing

You didn’t skimp on cost or effort for the layout of your materials. Now you just need the foreign language versions in the correct format. But this is exactly where mistakes can creep in – if the typesetter isn’t familiar with the language.

Benefit from the experience of our graphic designers and linguistic experts in multilingual DTP projects: they professionally typeset your foreign language texts and adapt them to the available space – including non-editable graphics and complex scripts such as Hebrew or Cyrillic.

And to make the process even easier for you, we are happy to incorporate your foreign subsidiaries and printers into the review process. You receive a print-ready file in your preferred format.

5 good reasons to choose the Transline DTP service

  • Translation and typesetting from a single source
    Better quality, faster.
  • Just like the original
    Linguistically and visually appealing.
  • Typesetters with language skills
    No errors due to copying and pasting or cutting in the wrong place.
  • Everything in the right format  
    We support all standard systems.
  • Ready to go
    You receive a print-ready file.

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No stress – clevere smart DTP solutions that save you time.

Even complex fonts , such as Arabic, can be perfectly typeset for you.

Service from A to Z – print-ready translations in the original layout.

Translated texts with style. Our DTP team works with all standard programs, such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, Microsoft Office, Quicksilver, CorelDraw, and many more.

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