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From one original into another.
Highest quality texts –

Medical translations that meet the highest quality standards

Certified processes that guarantee quality

Translations in the medical industry require the highest levels of precision; after all, the health of your patients is at stake. That’s why the specialist translations provided by Transline are certified according to ISO 17100 – your texts are in safe hands with us. You can rely on our decades of experiences, combined with the highest quality standards.

Guaranteed text quality – we work to the strict proofreading standards of ISO 17100.

Diversity: our 500 native speakers translate into standard and exotic languages.

Whether pharmaceutical corporations
or PR agencies: satisfied customers are
our goal.

Absolute punctuality: we deliver 99.9% of translations on time or earlier.

Specialised right from the beginning

What makes Transline Life Sciences different? Medicine, pharmacy and chemistry have been exactly our thing right from the get-go. With this expertise and our uncompromising quality standards, we have developed a reputation as industry leaders for medical and pharmaceutical translations.

Our translators speak the language of your patients, so that you always reach your intended audience, regardless of which target market, with translations that read just like the original.

Our translators

2 sets of eyes see more than 1

That’s why we always use two language experts for every translation of your medical texts: a specialist translator and a proofreader.

This ISO 17100-certified process is crucial for ensuring the text quality that you expect for your patients and users, and is even included in the price.

You receive translations that meet your exacting quality standards, every time.


Our standard: DIN ISO 17100

The ISO 17100 translation standard makes text quality comparable across the globe – an important element for you as our customer: you’re looking for a reliable language service provider, because your patients’ health is at stake.

And this you can rely on: our processes have been certified and approved. That means you receive life sciences texts from us that are precisely tailored to your users, no matter where they are.


10 %

discount on the first three
translations for new clients.


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of mineral water can be
found in our office.


years of
providing specialist
medical translations.


the year of our
first certification for
language services.

We translate your specialist texts into all the languages of the world –
for therapeutic options that transcend borders.

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