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Certification and authentication of translations

Seal of approval for your translated documents

Often authorities require certified translations when submitting documents. We select the right experts with the appropriate specialised knowledge and legal authentication. Requirements vary depending on the country and specific agreements, but Transline takes care of everything for you. Your documents arrive in your letterbox quickly and without fuss, ready for submission to the authorities.

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Highly official – certified translations

Do you need to send your approval documents to the officials? Then you usually need a certified translation. That means: a sworn language professional stamps and signs the translation to verify that it is correct and complete.

We select the most suitable, qualified and technically experienced translator from our global network for your project. And we also organise the certification at the same time – promptly and without any fuss. You can then submit the authenticated document immediately.

In some circumstances you may also require an apostille when submitting documents to foreign authorities. We can submit your certified translation to the appropriate office or court on your behalf, making the international authentication process easy.

Highly reassuring – authenticated translations

Is your office undergoing an audit? Or your study’s sponsor wants proof of the quality of your translated texts? Our translation certificate guarantees that the translators and editors we use:

  • are qualified in both the language and subject speciality,
  • translate into their native language,
  • have worked to the best of their knowledge and ability, and
  • have translated the original text faithfully into the target language.

Safeguard yourself with a translation certificate – for complete dossiers and making your next audit a breeze.



Personal protection – with certified translations.

Stamp of approval. We certify the high quality of our translations.

Sworn professionals. Our native speakers are the ultimate experts in their subject and language.

Certified documents. All in one easy, uncomplicated package for you.

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