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Terminology – your company-specific language

Smart terminology management for medical translations

Linguistic consistency improves the recognition of your company and shapes your brand image. That makes it even more important to use your company-specific wording consistently across all projects, both at home and internationally. We work with you to create your technical medical terminology, translating and maintaining it over the long term. For a compelling corporate identity that transcends linguistic borders.

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Save up to 30% on translation costs – benefit from terminology as a long-term investment.

Terminology management – from consultation and updating through to translation. All under one roof.

CAT tools save time and money when translating – and also ensure standardised corporate language.

Terminology for consistent wording

We offer tailored solutions for managing your terminology and getting your company-specific vocabulary into shape, starting with the source language and then adding all of the required foreign languages. The result is a well-maintained database that becomes a reliable record of all the relevant terms for your company.

This enables us to consolidate your valuable company knowledge and make it usable across linguistic borders. Translators require less time for research and send fewer queries, saving you precious time and money.

And with structured terminology maintenance, you benefit from a consistent brand image that is recognised around the world.

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Smart CAT tools for increased productivity

Using computer-aided tools in translation also contributes to creating a unified corporate language. With the help of computer-aided translation – or CAT for short – we create your customised translation database, the translation memory. This TM becomes smarter with every translation: texts no longer need to be translated twice, which means huge cost savings for you.

Before we start translating one of your texts, we make sure that only new sentence fragments are included and any repetitions are discounted. This also accelerates the translation process.

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Consistent wording for your brand image.


Important terms are recorded in a structured manner.

Terminology translation

We translate your technical vocabulary into the required languages.


We collaborate with you on defining standards for your company.

Translation memory

We take care of your TMs and eliminate any errors.

No matter how far you’ve progressed on your journey towards creating your own terminology, we’re there to help. Your personal contact from our project team and our terminologists are happy to provide more information.

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