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in life sciences.

Our specialist translators

Specialised in your life science texts

You can rely on the expertise of our carefully selected specialist translators. We have the perfect linguistic expert in our network for every medical and pharmaceutical area. As native speakers, they translate your texts into the target language with precision and attention to all the technical details. So your texts can be used immediately upon delivery, to support your global communication initiatives.

Our areas of speciality

Certified expertise…

Our ISO 17100 certification guarantees that only qualified native speakers work on your texts. Our specialist translators also have exceptional intercultural understanding and many years of experience in the relevant subject area.

No matter whether EMA, Swissmedic or EDQM Standard Terms: our language experts are always up-to-date on all regulatory requirements set by international health authorities.

That’s how we provide high-quality translations that you can rely on.

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... in a wide range of languages

Our global network of 500 specialist translators is the foundation of our range of services. We work every day in all EU languages, such as English, French, Spanish or Polish. But we are also well equipped to deal with the increasing demand for languages such as Chinese, Hebrew or Russian, to serve new international markets.

We also have the ideal experts in our network for specific dialects, such as Swiss French or Brazilian Portuguese.

With Transline, you can offer your patients and users around the world the same level of medical care, no matter what language they speak.

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Seal of approval: we can certify the suitability of our specialist translators for your texts, on request.

Native speakers and specialist professionals: you’ll find the right experts for your target language at Transline.

By the way: our proofreaders also comply with the strict quality requirements of the ISO 17100 translation standard.

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