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From one original into another.
Wisdom and a sharp eye
for your foreign language texts.

Proofreading and revision

Our language experts revise your foreign language texts

The quality of your texts makes a major contribution to the global success of your product or project. Our expert native speakers review and correct your existing documents, in terms of both content and language. This results in the highest quality translations that no one can tell aren’t actually the original documents. For the optimal public image of your scientific research or product.

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The bilingual content check

Do you want to be absolutely certain that an existing translation is of the highest quality? Or that subsequent changes were also entered correctly into the foreign language text? Then it makes sense to make a close comparison of the target text with the original in the source language. During a revision, an experienced specialist translator meticulously checks your target text for the following aspects:

  • content that matches the original text
  • spelling, grammar, semantics
  • style
  • consistent terminology and
  • project-specific instructions

At the end of the process, you receive a perfect target text – reliable and safe for your patients and users.

Good to know: if your translation is completed by Transline, revision is a standard part of our translation process, according to our ISO 17100 certification – and included in the price.


Single-language check for that finishing touch

You’ve got great language skills and wrote your specialist text in a foreign language? To make sure that the content reads just like an original, we’re happy to provide the services of our native speakers: we take care of the finishing touches through our proofreading process.

How does that work? Our translator concentrates solely on the target text and checks it thoroughly. In addition to assessing the language, spelling, grammar and style, we also ensure that:

  • specific regional and cultural linguistic features have been observed
  • your text is understandable and easy to read
  • any inconsistent terminology is flagged and discussed.

This means you can be assured that your text has the intended impact on your target audience – in any language.

Let us proofread your texts


Accurate texts in all languages.

Incorporating your foreign subsidiaries into the review process

Your Transline project manager can also handle all queries during a multilingual project for you, so that you no longer need to liaise between translators, proofreaders and your local contacts in foreign subsidiaries or study centres. We clarify any questions regarding language or content and make any necessary changes, including during back translations. That saves you time and bother, because instead of dealing with a flood of e-mails, you just receive a finalised text from us. Punctual, complete and ready to use – for example, for your EU-wide marketing authorisation of pharmaceuticals.

Optimise your review process

Suitable solutions: no time? We’ll take care of everything – for your time-critical projects.

Native-speaker expertise: we always have the right language expert for you – highly experienced and technically proficient.

Tailored quality: when creating your texts, we use your company-specific requirements as our guide.

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