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Medical translations

Innovative treatment options – transcending borders

Modern medicine opens up new opportunities around the world. To enable access to the best treatments, you need authentic texts that speak to the reader – no matter the target market. For the sake of your users and their health, we only use the most experienced, competent and precise specialist medical translators. This ensures your innovations receive the attention they deserve.

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Your personal contact manages your project from start to finish – without stress or bother for you.

Transline Life Sciences has been producing high-quality medical translations for over 60 years – from one original into another.

Our innovative thinkers save time by finding individual solutions for your project – they’re always thinking outside the box.

Medical report translation

Germany enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the world for its research. It has become a popular treatment destination for international patients, thanks to the density of clinics and exceptional standing of its doctors.

We translate all of your medical documents that are important for treating foreign patients, including diagnoses, certificates and medical reports. Our professional native-speaker translators come from a medical background or have specialised in technical medical translations for decades.

The result? Error-free and idiomatic texts – and absolute safety for your patients from foreign countries.

Certified quality

Clinic brochure translation

All patients should feel that they’re in good hands at your clinic. This means they need to correctly and reliably understand the information relevant to their treatment.

We remove any language barriers for you. Whether clinic brochures, patient forms or marketing material: we speak your patients’ languages.

From English to Russian to Arabic – we have the best specialist translators with intercultural experience. Authentic texts increase your patients’ confidence in your treatments and services.

Qualified specialist translators

Virology /  oncology /  orthopaedics /  paediatrics /  surgery / anaesthesiology /   general medicine /  neurology /  cardiology /  internal medicine / ophthalmology /  angiology /  biochemistry /  occupational medicine /  gynaecology /  dermatology /  radiology / gastroenterology /  genetics /  and much, much more ...

Editing papers for journals

Life sciences move at a rapid pace. New findings are being made every day, each advancing research a little further. If you want to be successful, you need to stay up-to-date while presenting your own results to the experts in the optimal way.

We support you in this by proofreading your manuscript in a single language. You can be assured that your journal article is published in native-speaker quality so that your research findings impress the relevant specialist circles with expert language as well as content, anywhere in the world.

Editing and proofreading

Precise clinical trial translation

We translate all clinical trial documents into just about any language, while complying with all deadlines and regulations – as well as tailoring the texts to the linguistic and cultural requirements of the reader.

No matter whether your audience is medical professionals or end consumers: our trained specialist translators know the particular features that are important for medical and pharmaceutical documents. And they’re always up-to-date with the official requirements of the EMA, FDA and Swissmedic.

Pharmaceutical translation

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