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Vom Original ins Original.
Cross-national equivalence
for all your study documents.

Back translation of medical texts

Back translation – guaranteed identical documents

One of the challenges of international studies is that patient data collected in different countries must be comparable and patient forms must be identical. We provide you with back translations to ensure consistency in your content. For maximum transparency in all languages – even the ones you’re not familiar with.

Back translation – how it works

A back translation helps ensure that the content of each language version of a document, such as a patient form, is identical.

Our workflow:

  • Our language experts accurately convert the translation back into the original language.
  • We compare the original with the back-translated text in the same language.
  • If there are any deviations, we edit the translation accordingly.

And we also document what was changed and why – for maximum transparency.

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Back translation – the benefits

Authorities may request back translations to ensure that your documents are identical. But you also get significant benefits from this quality check:

  • Improved communication with your patients, as any vague formulations in the original are eliminated
  • Comparable data across linguistic borders
  • Understandable text without any foreign language knowledge, so you can easily identify any unclear or incorrect text passages

On request, we can also work with your foreign counterparts during the review process – and handle the coordination of the entire process.

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We take care of the entire back translation process, making everything stress-free and transparent for you.

Our team is competent and experienced in handling back translations.

We clarify any queries directly with your contacts in foreign subsidiaries.

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