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From one original into another.
Medical translations made easy.

More than just translation – our comprehensive services

Solutions for multilingual medical and pharmaceutical projects

Are you looking for appealing, error-free texts while saving both time and money? The full range of services offered by Transline makes it possible: we proofread texts, take care of your terminology and provide official certifications for your specialist translations. Professional, timely, uncomplicated – and everything under one roof. All so that you achieve your goal quicker: providing safe medical care to patients worldwide.


Comprehensive service: top-quality texts with minimal effort for you.


Does your content need to be optimised or adapted? No matter whether you need proofreading in one language or a comparison with the source text: our language experts take care of it all – with professional expertise and the highest linguistic standards.

For texts that you can rely on, guaranteed. Perfectly and precisely tailored to your target audience, in any language.



Every company has terms and phrases that should be used consistently and uniformly around the world.

With the help of our customised terminology services, we assist you in building a linguistically consistent brand image that will save you money in the long term.

Our translators and terminologists guarantee reliable, consistent texts – across all your projects, no matter which language.

Terminology & CAT


Sometimes, you need to make it official: authorities often demand an authentication of translation documents before they accept them.

Don’t waste your time searching – the Transline network has many sworn translators and can provide a certification along with the translation. You save time and money, and receive the completed documents right in your letterbox. It doesn’t get any easier than that.



Reliable service – even
when it’s urgent.


Your personal contact
knows what to do and is
always there for you.


Optimised processes –
time-saving and simple


Flawless texts – safety for you and your users around the world.

Desktop publishing

Impressive texts that appeal to your readers, both linguistically and visually. Adapting the layout of a translation to match the original takes time, though. And mistakes can easily creep in – especially if the typesetter isn’t familiar with those languages.

Transline has in-house experts for these tasks and can format your foreign language texts on request. You save time, which in turn saves on costs and avoids stress, not to mention improving the quality of your text.

A DTP service that pays for itself, for print-ready translations in the original layout.

DTP services

Back translation

To ensure that the original and translation are identical in terms of content, you need a back translation – a complex process of coordinated steps that involve many different people. It’s easy to lose track of what’s happening during multilingual projects.

To avoid any confusion, we organise the entire process for you. On request we can also communicate directly with your counterparts abroad throughout the review process.

Make your data comparison easy, no matter what language or target culture.

Back translation

Rely on our all-round service right from the start. Your advantage: you will benefit from higher text quality while reducing your workload.

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