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From one original into another.
Correct – complete – authentic.
Officially certified translations.

Our certifications – internationally recognised

Our quality seals ensure maximum transparency for everyone involved. As our customer, you can rely on the quality of our robust translation processes, as well as the outstanding customer service of our dedicated team. That’s how we guarantee the highest quality translation services – for the well-being of your patients and users.

ISO 17100 translation services

Trust is created when everyone speaks the same language. The internationally recognised standard for language services, ISO 17100, defines the requirements for professional translation services. So you can be sure that the quality of our services, our translation process, the qualifications of our team and our corporate processes all meet a verified standard.

You can rely on:

  • qualified specialist translators
  • experience in the relevant subject area
  • strict proofreading standards: translation plus proofreading by qualified linguistic experts

The benefit of using medax: The benefit of using medax: We only use native speakers to translate your documents.

Transparent: Verifiable service quality for everyone involved.

Impressive: Satisfied customers trust medax and recommend us to others.

Reliable: Our processes have been certified by an independent body.

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