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Transline – your language service provider for all life science disciplines

It goes without saying that our work is professional and confidential. But what makes Transline – formerly medax – different? For over 60 years, our customers have been putting their trust in our translations. Our mascot, the owl, represents wisdom and a sharp eye – both of which are essential when translating medical texts. Our team is friendly and easygoing, always making sure your projects flow perfectly.

Exceptional customer satisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is our motivation. They appreciate our speed, punctuality and flexibility. 94 per cent even state that they recommend us to others. That’s the best reference for us, because specialist translations in the medical and pharmaceutical industries are a matter of trust – after all, the health of patients and users is at stake.


Passionate about language

Our team is a colourful mix of people but we all have one thing in common: a passion for language. There are ten different languages spoken in our translation office in Olching, in addition to German.

Some of us have been multilingual since birth – others have acquired their skills through language or translation studies. We all have a university qualification in linguistics and understand exactly what the translation of specialist texts requires.

Our job is our vocation, motivated by a love of language and culture.



“At medax, I was finally able to combine my three hobbies – languages, medicine and computer science.” C. Martin Dunne, founder of medax

Our history

Many years ago, a young British osteopath happened to stumble across “Medizinischer Sprachendienst”, a medical language services provider in the Bavarian town of Olching. Today, this language service provider is called Transline Life Sciences and is regarded as one of the industry leaders for medical and pharmaceutical translations.

Our story

Our translators

The foundation of well-translated texts is experienced native-speaker translators. They need to remain on the ball at all times, because the medical and pharmaceutical industries are constantly changing.

500 linguistic experts around the world work for Transline and provide translations into every standard language, as well as many exotic ones, too.

The Transline linguistic experts

Transline Group

medax became part of the Transline Group in April 2019 and is now called Transline Life Sciences.

Find out more about the other members of the Transline Group with their individual specialities, and take advantage of the synergies in areas such as SAP or e-commerce for your projects.

Our areas of speciality


is the year our medical language service was founded.


different types of tea can be found in our kitchen cupboard.

19,93 km

as the crow flies between our office in Olching and the Marienplatz in Munich.

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