Specialist translation according to the 4-eyes principle

A highly specialised text calls for a specialist translation. And that is what you get from us if your text is from the specialist field of medicine, pharmaceuticals, chemistry or any of the related fields such as medical technology or dental medicine.

In the case of such texts, it is often a question of sensitive documents that have to be accurately translated into the target language. A small inaccuracy could have far-reaching consequences. Therefore, our translators really do have to have specialist knowledge in the field concerned. Put simply, our doctors translate for your doctors, our pharmaceutical specialists for your pharmaceutical specialists and our chemists for yours.

The revisers employed by medax are selected just as carefully as our translators. In accordance with our 4-eyes principle, they check the work of the specialised translators, which additionally ensures the quality of our texts. This is the standard service offered by medax on the basis of our certification according to ISO 17100 and is already included in the price.

This ensures that your specialised texts are translated precisely in relation to the specialist field concerned. From one original into another. And into (almost) all the languages of the world.

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