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medax‘s social commitment

As a translation service provider, we are specialised in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals and chemistry. As a result of our day-to-day work with such texts, we are sensitised from a professional point of view for the subjects of health and well-being. So it is not very surprising that the welfare of those in need is a matter dear to our hearts. We help wherever we can, whether it be with financial support or with pro-bono translations for various aid projects throughout the world. In addition, we have an eye for the coming generation, holding free lectures at universities and offering internships for young translators.

We make regular donations, e.g. to

  • Médecins sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders (MSF)
  • Bayerisches Rotes Kreuz (Bavarian Red Cross)
  • Johanniter (Order of Saint John)
  • Malteser (Order of Malta)
  • DLRG (German Lifeguard Association)
  • Christoffel Blindenmission (Christian Mission for the Blind)
  • PLAN: sponsorship of a boy from Ecuador and pro-bono translation of letters for children in Nigeria, Egypt and Vietnam
  • Kinderhilfszentrum (Children’s Aid Centre) e.V.: financial donations for the fight against child abuse
  • Micro-projects in Africa, e.g. helping people to help themselves
  • Trösterbären (Comforter Bears): Teddy bears for children who end up in hospital after an accident