Our small but exclusive company now looks back on a corporate history going back over five decades. It was founded as early as 1957. The “Deutscher Medizinischer Sprachendienst” (“German medical language service”), the name being shortened to “Medizinischer Sprachendienst” (“Medical language service”) in 1963, was specialised in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals from the outset.

In 1991, the British-born osteopath C. Martin Dunne purchased the specialist translation agency, for which he had worked part-time as a specialist translator over the previous ten years. With the acquisition of the company, in his own words, he was able at last to bring together his three hobbies: medicine, language and information technology.

In 1999, the language service was given the new name “medax“. And since then medax has gone from strength to strength: starting with a staff of three, including the boss, we have now expanded to a total of seven employees at present. This necessitated a move from the basement of the Dunne family’s home to our sunny office at Ilzweg in Olching, and even this had to be extended from time to time when more space was required.

However, the guiding theme that runs through our entire company history is a passion for the highest-quality language services in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals. This explains why medax was the first translation agency in Germany to be certified according to DIN EN 15038 (now: ISO 17100) in 2007.

In the meantime, our portfolio of services comprises not only specialist translations and bilingual and monolingual editing, but also interpreting assignments as well as consultancy services on everything to do with translation throughout the world. And you can rest assured that we apply the very latest technology and software and, in line with demand, are increasingly working with CAT and DTP tools.