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Life Sciences
The way to get your products into
pharmacies around the world.
medax is now called
Transline Life Sciences.
We help to save lives around the world –
from the get-go.

Specialist medical and pharmaceutical translations

Transline – your language service provider for health and life sciences

You’re justifiably discerning when it comes to your translations, because, in the end, the health of your patients and users is at stake. Transline Life Sciences has specialised in the translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts since 1991. Our customers appreciate the flexible, fast and punctual handling of their texts – and the unrivalled expertise of our 500-plus specialist translators. As experienced industry professionals and native speakers, they always find the right words – thanks to our rigorous selection process.

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New therapeutic possibilities transcending national borders, with the focus on people.

Medical expertise

Few other industries require customers to rely as heavily on the accuracy and quality of the translations as the healthcare sector. Even the most minor errors or inaccuracies in your texts can have far-reaching consequences. This applies equally to medical reports, study documentation or package inserts.

For over 60 years, we’ve been single-minded in our focus on translating health-related texts. That’s how our qualified linguists know exactly what’s required for your complex texts.

We treat your confidential documents with the utmost responsibility and sensitivity, because people’s health is their greatest asset.

Medical translations

Certified quality

Quality is your number one priority – and it’s ours, too. Our ISO 17100 certification gives you reassurance that our services comply with a regularly audited standard. That creates transparency – for the seamless handling of your projects.

We never compromise on additional proofreading, because two sets of eyes see more than just one.

For more than sixty years, we’ve been pouring 100% of our heart and soul into producing the highest quality medical texts – in just about every language in the world.


“Medicine is of all the Arts the most noble.” /// Hippocrates of Kos

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translation service – from one original into another.


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